Wellbeing Nutrition Slow Multivitamin For Her (60 Capsules)


Brand Wellbeing Nutrition
Item Form Capsule
Diet Type Vegetarian
Flavour Unflavoured
Product Benefits Metabolism Management, Energy Immunity, Bone & Joint Support, Haemoglobin Levels
Special Ingredients  Astaxanthin, Cranberry, Vegan Omega, Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin K
Age Range (Description) Adult
Package Information Bottle
Net Quantity 60.00 count
Number of Items 1


Wellbeing Nutrition Slow Multivitamin For Women A Scientifically-developed Multivitamin For Women Between The Ages Of 18 And 49 To Help Fill Nutrient Gaps In Your Diet.

Product Overview

A scientifically-developed multivitamin for women between the ages of 18 and 49 to help fill nutrient gaps in your diet. These multivitamin capsules for women combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast-absorbing vegan omega oil & slow-release plant-based multivitamin beadlets with astaxanthin and cranberry.

  • 2-IN-1 DELAYED RELEASE TECH: Scientifically formulated by doctors & nutritionists in the US, Slow Multi for Her combines the most powerful nutriscience with FAST ABSORBING Vegan Omega 3 from algal oil & SLOW RELEASE plant-based beadlets with Astaxanthin and Cranberry to help maintain & enhance your nutritional status. Our delayed-release technology is designed to release slowly over 8 hours, in the less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability.
  • THE FIRST MULTIVITAMIN FOR WOMEN WITH OMEGA-3: A plant-based multivitamin uniquely designed for Women that provides 100% RDA of 26 essential nutrients in high-quality full daily serving, with higher absorption & antioxidant support for a healthy immune system. Specially formulated keeping the specific needs of women in mind, filling in nutritional gaps & providing critical micronutrients, tackling PMS, bone support, urinary tract health & a radiance blend to ensure you are taken care of.
  • SPECIALLY CURATED FOR WOMEN’S 360 DEGREE WELLNESS & PMS SUPPORT: The B-vitamins are essential for normal growth, metabolism & reproduction. Vitamin D aids calcium & phosphorus absorption supports immune function & strengthens bones & muscles. Iron reduces the risk of anemia & iron deficiency. Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Magnesium & Veg DHA (Omega-3) help relieve PMS symptoms like cramps, pain, etc. Chromium helps in weight management & iodine helps in maintaining the hormonal balance.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN ANTIOXIDANTS & BEAUTY BENEFITS (HAIR, SKIN & NAILS): Omega-3 provides antioxidant support for your immune system, enhances skin brightness, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Zinc, Vitamins C, E & Biotin with Astaxanthin are a potent blend for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails. Hyaluronic Acid retains skin moisture & firmness and promotes hair elasticity & growth. Astaxanthin helps against sunburn, skin ageing & increases skin elasticity.

Country Of Origin: India

Additional information

Weight 144 g
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 6 cm


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