Baidyanath Devdarvadyarishta (450 ml)

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🌿 Enhance Your Well-being with Baidyanath Devdarvadyarishta: Natural Support for Your Health!

🌿 Ayurvedic formulation to promote overall well-being and vitality.
🩺 Supports respiratory health and helps alleviate cough and cold symptoms.
💪 Boosts immunity and enhances body’s natural defense mechanisms.
🍯 Contains natural ingredients known for their therapeutic properties.
🌱 Helps maintain a healthy digestive system and supports detoxification.
🌞 Suitable for regular consumption to maintain optimal health and vitality.
🚫 Free from harmful chemicals and additives, ensuring safety and efficacy.


Baidyanath Devdarvadyarishta is used in piles, dysmenorrhea, ringworm, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, itching etc. It helps to improve digestion and increases appetite.

Product Overview

It Is Used In Piles, Dysmenorrhea, Ringworm, Gonorrhea, Leucorrhea, Itching etc. The product is guaranteed to be 100% genuine. 

Therapeutic Use

It is used in piles, dysmenorrhea, ringworm, gonorrhea, leucorrhea, itching etc


  • Manjeeth, indra jo, dantimool, tagar, haldi, daruhaldi, rasna, vaividang, ajwain, safed chandan, giloy, kutki, chitak mool, kalimirch, soth, dalchini, ela, tejpatra, nagkesar etc


  • 3-6 Teaspoonful after meals with an equal amount of water.

Country of Origin: ‎ India

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