Dabur Hommade Tasty Masala (6 grams)

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Dabur Hommade Tasty Masala
Dabur Hommade Tasty Masala is an all-purpose masala made of the freshest and choicest 11 spices which are roasted and ground to perfection to give the end dish the perfect flavor and aroma.

Coming from the house of Dabur Homemade with the assurance of quality & purity, Tasty Masala, as the name suggests, enhances the taste of any/every food item. It can be sprinkled on multiple dishes such as Bhindi, Mix Veg, Baingan Bharta, or delicious curries like Matar Paneer and Dum Aloo.
Tasty Masala, Tastier Khana!
Cook the dish as you normally do. Sprinkle Dabur Homemade Tasty Masala on the dish for 2-3 minutes before taking it off the flame. Stir well and serve hot to enjoy the delicious taste.


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