Dr. Morepen Vitamin D3 600 IU (60 Capsules)




  • Strong Bones & Joints
  • Muscular Strength
  • Enhanced Immune Function
  • Increased Calcium Absorption
  • Optimum Recommended Dose

Dr. Morepen Vitamin-D3 is a scientifically proven formula that provides 600 IU of cholecalciferol, an active form of Vitamin D3 to fulfill the daily requirement of this essential vitamin in the body. This highly absorbable formula facilitates effective absorption of Calcium and Phosphate to maintain healthy bones, stronger muscles, higher immunity, and support joint flexibility.
Vitamin D is normally obtained from the food that we consume or either produced by the skin on exposure to ultraviolet energy of the sun. However, our daily requirement for Vitamin D is not fulfilled by diets. As more people avoid sun exposure due to the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin, Vitamin D supplementation becomes even more necessary to ensure that your body receives an adequate supply of this vital Vitamin. Vitamin D is so important for an immune function that its low levels in the body are associated with increased susceptibility to infection, disease, and immune-related disorders. Low levels of Vitamin D also result in loss of bone density, which can contribute to osteoporosis and fractures.
Dr. Morepen Vitamin D3 600 IU is a premium, once-a-day formula. This naturally derived Vitamin D3 is better absorbed by the body compared to the synthetic Vitamin D2. It can help you enhance your fitness levels by increasing immunity, and calcium absorption directly within your bones and maintaining the integrity and density of bone & teeth.


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