Dr. Vaidya’s Pain Relief Oil For Joint & Muscle Pain


  • Provides relief against joint pain & soreness
  • Helps reduce stiffness in joints & muscles
  • Helps improve body flexibility & mobility
  • Helps strengthen joints & muscles


Dr. Vaidya’s Pain Relief Oil For Joint & Muscle Pain. The Nirgundi Oil is an improved version of the Nirgundi Joint Guard Oil, fortified with potent Ayurvedic herbs like Wintergreen oil, Erand Oil, and Shallaki that relieve joint pain and swelling while also improving joint mobility and flexibility. This Ayurvedic oil for knee pain is made as per the traditional Ayurvedic manufacturing process and it brings you fast and long-lasting relief from different kinds of joint pain and muscle pain including arthritis, strain, sprain, spondylitis, sciatica etc. These benefits can help enhance the overall quality of life for arthritis patients and anyone suffering from joint pain.

Key Ingredients in Pain Relief Oil:

The ingredients of this Ayurvedic pain relief oil individually have many benefits and when put together in the form of an oil concoction, it works really well. The main ingredient, the Nirgundi oil helps in reducing pain and swelling, making it a great Arthritis massage oil. The Wintergreen and Erand oil help in reducing stiffness in the muscles and relieving joint pain respectively. Shallaki, another primary ingredient, helps in improving mobility. Some of the other ingredients include Pudina, Ashwagandha, and Shatavari.

Who Should Take it?

  • Reduce Muscle Pain : Nirgundi oil, the main ingredient, helps in relieving not only muscle and joint pain but also swelling in the affected regions.
  • Reduce Joint Stiffness: The Wintergreen Oil present helps in reducing joint and muscle stiffness as well as soreness.
  •  Improve Mobility in the Body: There are many ingredients in the Nirgundi Taila that help with flexibility in the body. Shallaki also contributes to improving mobility.
  • Strengthen Muscles and Joints: With the right amount of oil, you can strengthen muscle and joint health over a period of time. Ashwagandha boosts muscle growth and strengthens joints.

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 100 ml of Pain Relief Oil per pack

Non-steroid formula with no known side effects

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