Dr Vaidya’s Piles Care Combo: For Managing Piles Naturally

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Benefits of Piles Care Combo

  • Controls bleeding in 7-10 days*
  • Relieves pain & swelling in 10-15 days*
  • Relieves constipation in 2-5 days*
  • Helps shrink pile mass in 15-20 days*

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Dr. Vaidya’s Piles Care Combo is a doctor-curated combo pack that’s designed to help manage piles symptoms and reduce the risk of recurrence. It comes with Piles Care capsules and Herbo Pilocare Cream.

Piles Care capsules combine the benefits of 12 super herbs to help control bleeding, relieve pain, reduce swelling, and combat constipation. This ayurvedic medicine for piles works from the inside by also regulating bowel movements while managing piles symptoms. These Ayurvedic herbs also help reduce the risk of recurrence of piles, allowing you to enjoy your life without the fear of piles.

Herbo Pilocare Cream is a new Ayurvedic cream by Dr. Vaidya’s for piles & fissures. Its blend of 11 Ayurvedic ingredients provides fast relief from pain, burning, swelling, and itching while helping to control bleeding, prevent infections and promote healing. It comes with an applicator to help you apply the cream effectively for quick relief from piles & fissures.

Ayurvedic Ingredients in Piles Care Combo

Piles Care Combo comes with a combo of Dr. Vaidya’s Piles Care capsules & Herbo Pilocare Cream. Both these Ayurvedic medicines are formulated by doctors and made with natural, Ayurvedic herbs to help bring relief from piles while reducing the chance of recurrence of piles and fissures.

12 Super Herbs in Piles Care

  • 1. Triphala Guggul: Helps relieve constipation, reduce inflammation, and promote healing of piles
  • 2. Mahaneemb: Helps inhibit inflammation to relieve swelling, itching, pain, and burning sensations caused by piles
  • 3. Haritaki: Helps reduce pile mass size with pain-relieving, antimicrobial, and laxative properties
  • 4. Nagkesar: Helps reduce the piles mass, pain, and swelling
  • 5. Aragwadh: Helps relieve constipation while reducing pain
  • 6. Suran (Jimikand): Helps combat pain, swelling, and constipation
  • 7. Daruhaldi: Helps promote wound healing and reduces the risk of secondary infection
  • 8. Ghrit Kumari (Aloe Vera): Helps reduce inflammation & pain
  • 9. Nishotar: Helps improve bowel movements to help against constipation
  • 10. Chitrak: Helps relieve constipation & improves digestive health
  • 11. Mochras: Helps reduce skin irritation, burning, and redness
  • 12. Shankh Jeera: Helps balance the doshas while improving digestion

11 Super Herbs in Herbo Pilocare Cream

  • 1. Lajjalu: Helps control bleeding and promotes wound healing
  • 2. Daru Haridra: Helps reduce inflammation & promotes wound healing
  • 3. Khadir: Helps relieve itching, pain & burning
  • 4. Yastimadhu: Helps support wound healing & reduces the risk of infection
  • 5. Kumari: Helps combat inflammations while supporting wound healing
  • 6. Kasisadi Tail: Helps reduce piles mass
  • 7. Apamarg Kshar: Helps to shrink piles of mass
  • 8. Yashad Bhasma: Helps reduce swelling & promotes healing
  • 9. Nimb Tail: Helps with wound healing
  • 10. Camphor: Helps relieve pain & swelling
  • 11. Shuddha Tankan: Helps support wound healing

For best results, use Piles Care capsules for at least 3 months

How to Use – Piles Care Capsules

1. For burning & itching: Take 1 capsule, twice a day

2. For pain & bleeding: Take 2 capsules, twice a day

3. With lukewarm water, after meals

How To Use – Herbo Pilocare Cream

1. Apply the cream before & after defecation with the applicator

2. For best results, use for min. 3 months

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 capsules in each Piles Care bottle, 50 g Herbo Pilocare Cream per pack

Made with Ayurvedic ingredients with no known side-effects

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