Dr Vaidya’s Weight Gain Combo: For Healthy Weight & Muscle Gain

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Benefits of Weight Gain Combo

  • Helps gain weight upto 1.2 kg/month
  • Helps increase appetite & improve digestion
  • Helps boost protein absorption & utilization
  • Helps promote muscle strength & size
  • Steroid-free & safe for long-term use


Dr. Vaidya’s Weight Gain Combo is an expert-curated combo that is specially made for men and women who want to gain healthy weight. It comes with WeightPlus weight gain powder, along with Ayurvedic muscle gainer Herbobuild, FREE! This combo, therefore, helps achieve healthy weight & muscle gain.

What is the Benefit of Using Weight Gain Combo?

Both WeightPlus & Herbobuild are designed to work together to help with healthy & faster weight and muscle gain.
WeightPlus contains Whey Protein Concentrate along with 6 super herbs that help provide sustained weight gain. This weight gain powder works by providing 14 grams of high-quality protein every day to allow your body to gain mass. The 6 super herbs that have been added to WeightPlus help enhance protein digestion and absorption, speeding up healthy weight gain.
Working in synergy with WeightPlus is Herbobuild. This is an Ayurvedic muscle gainer that has helped thousands of men and women take their fitness & athletic performance to the next level. The Ayurvedic herbs in this muscle growth capsule help boost the absorption of protein along with increasing muscle size and strength, as well as stamina, endurance, and energy levels.
Together, these two mass gainers in Weight Gain Combo can help you gain upto 1.2 kilograms per month.

6 Super Herbs in WeightPlus

  • 1. Ashwagandha helps boost testosterone, muscle mass & strength
  • 2. Atilbala helps combat inflammations & free radical damage
  • 3. Yashtimadhu helps boost stamina & endurance
  • 4. Vacha helps improve appetite & promote detox
  • 5. Amalaki (Amla) helps support nutrient absorption & digestion
  • 6. Shatavari helps digestion & promotes muscle recovery

6 Super Herbs in Herbobuild

  • 1. Ashwagandha helps boost testosterone, muscle mass & strength
  • 2. Shatavari helps combat free radical damage & improves post-workout recovery
  • 3. Safed Musli helps enhance muscle protein synthesis for improved athletic performance
  • 4. Gokshura helps boost testosterone production & combat inflammation
  • 5. Methi helps enhance muscle protein synthesis for lean muscle gain
  • 6. Kaunch Beej helps support HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels for faster lean muscle gain

How to Use – WeightPlus

1. Take 2 scoops (35 g) of WeightPlus Powder in a glass of milk

2. Mix well & drink 1 or 2 times a day

3. For faster gains, take WeightPlus in a glass of full cream milk with 2 bananas

How to use – Herbobuild

  1. 1 capsule twice a day after meals
  2. Follow a protein-rich diet for better protein synthesis
  3. take protein supplements for faster gains
  4. exercise regularly for 30- 45 min every day

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 450 gms of WeightPlus weight gain powder, 30 Herbobuild Capsules per pack

Free from steroids & no known side-effects

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