Dr Vaidya’s Health Pack Piles And Constipation (30 caps)




A combination of ayurvedic tablets for constipation and piles

  • Relief from pain, itching & swelling
  • Relief from constipation
  • Relief from anal bleeding
  • Relief from all piles symptoms

Piles and fissures cause tremendous pain and discomfort. Dr. Vaidya’s Piles Relief Pack is curated by our expert doctors to help bring relief from the acute pile’s symptoms. This Piles Relief Pack is designed to be a long-term solution for piles.

This Piles Relief Pack includes two formulations, our very powerful Piles Care and Constipation Relief tablets. Piles Care is trusted by numerous patients as a great ayurvedic solution that helps manage piles symptoms & Constipation Relief is our very powerful ayurvedic medication that brings relief from constipation.

If you are struggling to manage piles symptoms, our Piles Relief Pack is the right choice for you. We also encourage you to follow a clean diet and a healthy lifestyle to support your recovery from piles. We would also recommend that you speak to our expert ayurvedic doctors and then buy any medication for piles. Our doctors will help you understand how mild or severe your symptoms are and then determine which combination of medications will work well for you.

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 capsules per pack (Piles Care) & 30 tablets per pack (Constipation Relief)

Purely ayurvedic, for long-term use

Key Ingredients

  • Haritaki Reduces piles mass size
  • Sunth Eases bowel movements
  • Mahaneemb Provides relief from piles symptoms
  • Nagkesar Reduces swelling & bleeding


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