Dr. Vaidya’s Viral Recovery Combo

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For enhanced recovery from viral fever & cough

Key Benefits

  • Helps faster post viral recovery
  • Helps boost immunity & energy levels
  • Helps combat weakness
  • Helps support healthy liver function

Key Ingredients

  • Giloy Helps strengthen immunity & liver health
  • Kutki Helps combat fatty liver
  • Ashwagandha Helps promote recovery & energy levels
  • Kalmegh Helps improve liver function

Product Details

Dr. Vaidya’s Viral Recovery Combo is a doctor-curated pack with three products that can help speed up your recovery from viral fevers and infections.

How does Viral Recovery Combo work? When you have a viral fever, your body’s metabolism is elevated, causing toxins known as metabolites to be secreted in the body. This causes the liver to be strained, increasing liver size. And this can result in weakness, anorexia, and nausea.
Dr. Vaidya’s Viral Recovery Combo helps combat these symptoms by providing the body with the much-needed nutrients to boost liver health for faster recovery.

Viral Recovery Combo contains:

  • Liver Care This liver health-boosting capsule is made with high-quality ayurvedic herbs that are geared towards boosting liver function and recovery. It is known to help combat fatty liver while also improving liver health to support post-viral recovery.
  • Ashwagandha This single-herb capsule contains high-quality Ashwagandha that aids in the recovery process by promoting energy and revitalizing the body. It supports the Liver Care capsules in speeding up recovery and overall health.
  • Kadha Sips This Giloy juice comes with no added sugar and is packed with health-boosting benefits. It protects the whole body while promoting your immunity and digestion.

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 30 Liver Care capsules, 30 Ashwagandha capsules, 1 Litre bottle of Giloy Juice

Natural ingredients & no known side effects


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