Dr Vaidya’s Wheatgrass Juice


Wheatgrass juice for digestion, detoxification, immunity & cholesterol regulation


100% natural wheatgrass juice for overall health & immunity

Dr. Vaidya’s Wheatgrass Juice is made entirely of natural and high-quality freshly sprouted wheatgrass. Dr Vaidya’s Wheatgrass Juice is a refreshing natural detox drink that boosts digestion, and immunity, and helps in cholesterol regulation.

Wheatgrass, which is botanically classified as Triticum aestivum, is widely regarded as a superfood. To preserve its nutritional value and get maximum health benefits, our wheatgrass juice is made exclusively from young shoots of freshly sprouted wheat leaves. This kind of fresh and organic wheatgrass juice ensures maximum nutrition without the addition of any preservatives or artificial ingredients. This also ensures that there is no loss of nutrients including the source of wheatgrass’ beneficial effects – chlorophyll. Our fresh wheatgrass juice is an excellent choice if you are looking for a nourishing natural beverage to add to your daily diet.

How to Use

  1. Mix 30 ml juice in a glass of watery

2. Drink on an empty stomach

3. In the morning or before meals

Key Ingredients

Wheatgrass– High quality freshly sprouted Wheat leaves

Requires prescription: No

Net quantity: 1-litre bottle

Non-hormonal formula & non-habit-forming

Additional information

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