Tatvik Manisugandha Aromatherapy Tea Lights – Rose, Mogra and Lotus Made From Purest Of Wax And An Exotic Blend Of Essential Oils All Brought Together.

Product Overview

The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath and Body presents Rose, Mogra and Lotus Aromatherapy Tea Lights set made from purest of wax and an exotic blend of essential oils all brought together to create the most exquisite handcrafted aroma candles, which are smokeless and dripless. It is made up with 100% natural coconut wax and pure essential oils.

  • Chemical Free, Smokeless and Unscented
  • Flowery fragrance and freshness
  • Gives appealing look to the ambience
  • Helps in improving sleep

How To Use:

  • 1. Use appropriate candle holders which match the size of tea lights as whatever will burn will fall in those holders.
  • 2. Remove the labels which are stuck on the candle for better burning space
  • 3. Light the candle and burn it for the estimated time, ensuring that the pool of molten wax nearly reaches the outside of the candle holder.

We are eccentric in our own way. We can only assume you too are when it comes to hygiene and skin care because what’s inside, that really matters. That’s why we compel you to make a choice first before you buy.

1. Rose Oil – Rose Essential Oil is extracted through steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose, which has the strongest aroma and highest oil content, as well as calming and harmonising properties.

2. Mogra Oil – Mogra Fragrance Oil was created specifically to evoke the smells associated with Mogra. It lowers stress levels so that when you wake up, you feel calm.

3. Lotus Oil – It is crafted for slow, relaxed night healing & repair and creates a therapeutic rhythm in the environment.

4. 100% Natural Coconut Wax – It helps the tea light to burn slowly, top notch fragrance in the environment when burned and is entirely soot free.

Key Ingredients – Rose Oil, Mogra Oil, Lotus Oil and 100% Natural Coconut Wax

Caution: As its burning estimated time is 5 hours, kindly do not leave the burning tea light unattended, keep it away from wooden areas and keep it out of the reach of children.

Country Of Origin: India


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