Trunativ Everyday Plant Protein



🌱 Elevate Your Everyday Nutrition with Trunativ Plant Protein: Power Up Naturally!

🌱 Formulated with plant-based ingredients for a clean and sustainable protein source.
🌱 Perfect for individuals seeking a plant-powered protein supplement for daily use.
🌱 Each serving provides essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth.
🌱 Supports overall health and well-being with its nutrient-rich formula.
🌱 Trusted by health-conscious individuals for its purity and quality.
🌱 Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking to boost their protein intake naturally.


Trunativ Everyday Plant Protein Is A Fast-absorbing Protein That Is Infused With Special Digestive Enzymes. It Is Gluten-free, Non-gmo.

Product Overview

  • Clean And Pure Ingredients: Everyday Protein Is An Organic, Plant Protein Which Is A Blend Of Soy Protein Isolates, Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein! There Are No Added Chemicals, Fillers, Preservatives, Sugars, Or Fats. It Is Pure And Organic, And Provides An Excellent Source Of Dairy Protein Without Any Carbs.
  • Easy To Digest And Absorb: Everyday Protein Is A Fast-absorbing Protein That Is Infused With Special Digestive Enzymes. It Is Gluten-free, Non-gmo, And Contains No Preservatives, Which Allows The Body To Quickly Digest The Nutrients And Restore Energy. It Is Also Gentle On The Stomach, Making It Ideal For Active Individuals Who Need A Quick Energy Boost Without Any Digestive Discomfort.
  • Covers Vegetarian Meal Protein Deficiency: Everyday Protein Is An Ideal Solution To Cover Protein Deficiency For Vegetarians Who Do Not Consume Paneer. A Regular Vegetarian Meal Falls Short Of 8-10 Grams Of Protein As Per The Nutrition Guidelines, But With Everyday Protein, You Get Pivotal Nutrients Without The Hassle Of Cooking These For Each Meal! It Is A Lactose-free, All-plant Protein Powder That Fulfills Your Everyday Protein Requirements Without Any Additional Effort.
  • Hassle-free And Versatile: Everyday Protein Is Heat-stable, Which Means It Can Be Added Directly To Hot Food Without Losing Its Nutritional Value. It Is Designed Specifically For Indian Cooking And Does Not Alter The Taste Or Texture Of Your Favorite Dishes. You Can Easily Add It To Your Regular Atta Or Batters And Make High-protein Rotis, Parathas, Dosas. It Is Perfect For Busy Individuals Who Don’t Have Time For A Regular Workout Routine And Need A Quick Protein Fix In Their Meals.

Country of Origin: ‎India

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400 gm, 900 gm


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